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In compliance with the government mandate issued by the Governor of Baja California Sur, the Hotels Palmas De Cortez and Playa Del Sol will not be able to open until at least June 15th. The Governor stated that it might be possible to resume construction and mining operations on June 1st and that tourism would possibly follow on June 15th. There has been no date given by the Port Captain on when Sportfishing would be allowed to resume, but we are hopeful that this will happen soon.  Van Wormer Resorts will continue to work with the state health department in educating the staff on proper protocol and sanitization of the hotels and restaurants in order to be properly certified once we are able to reopen. We are all looking forward to reopening and getting back on the water for what is shaping up to be some great fishing. The safety and wellbeing of our guests and staff will always be our priority and we will be ready to safely reopen when we are given the green light. Thank you all for hanging in there and we look forward to seeing you all very soon!






Van Wormer Resorts takes its first step in the reopening process.


Today at Hotel Palmas De Cortez, the hotel staff was instructed on what needs to happen moving forward in order to reopen safely. Government officials from the health department held a health education and certification program in order to prepare for and be allowed to reopen.


The hotel must first be sanitized completely and protocols must be implemented before the hotel can be certified for reopening. Health inspectors will be inspecting the resorts periodically to make sure these protocols are done correctly. As always, the health and safety of our guests and employees comes first. This is why we are taking extra steps to assure the hotel is as safe as possible before we reopen. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!



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