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Are you ready for the 4th annual all women’s fishing tournament! We are very excited to announce the dates for this 2 day fishing tournament out of Hotel Palmas De Cortez in Los Barriles, Baja Mexico. Lady anglers only! 
Registration in the conference room at Hotel Palmas De Cortez from 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Tournament Fishing Dates:
July 21st and 22nd.
Entry Fee: $200 per team.
Each team must have only women anglers. Only the captain and deckhand can be men (one captain plus one deckhand max no matter the size of the boat). Maximum of 4 lady anglers on each boat.  No men anglers or non anglers will be allowed on a tournament boat).
Tournament Scoring:
Billfish = 200 points ea. (100% catch & release) must have photo of all billfish landed.
Roosters = 100 points ea. (100% catch & release) must have photo of all roosters landed.
Tuna = 100 points ea. – 25lbs. minimum weight.
Wahoo = 100 points ea. – 15lbs. minimum weight.
Dorado = 100 points ea. – 15lbs. minimum weight.
Amberjack, J. Cravelle = 100 points ea. 15lbs. minimum weight
There will be two optional cash jackpots of $300.  One of the largest Yellowfin Tuna and one for the largest Dorado with an 85% payout!
The winning team will be the team that scores the most points after two days of fishing.
The winning team will win a return trip for the entire team including 4 nights accommodations with 2 days standard cruiser fishing.
There will also be prizes for 2nd and 3rd place teams. 
As well as prizes for the captains and deckhand of the winning boats.
There will be an award ceremony on Saturday evening at 7pm. Dinner will be $10 per person and will include a Mexican taco bar. (no charge for participants)
All teams must start from in front of the Hotel Palmas De Cortez dock at 7:00am each morning.
All teams must be inside the anchored boats in front of Hotel Palmas De Cortez by 4:00pm. If anglers are not back by 4pm, the points from that day will not count towards your final score.
All marlin and roosterfish landed must be photographed with a team member wearing a tournament wristband. If a photo is not provided, those points will not count. There will be no points awarded for dead roosters or marlin brought to the dock.
In the event of a tie, the team with the most points after day one will win. If still tied, Second tie breaker will be a coin flip.
Tournament director will have the final word on all disputes. Any dispute must be filed prior to 7pm on Saturday, July 22nd
Call 877-777-8862 to book your room and boat reservations.
For more information, please call or email Eddie Dalmau 877-777-8862 x202 or
If calling from Mexico call our local number at 624-141-0044 or 818-224-4744

Rules Summery: This is a 2 day Fishing Tournament. The team with the most points at the end of the two days is the winner. There will be prizes for the top three teams. There will also be prizes for the top three boat crews. There will be optional side Jackpots of $300 for the heaviest Tuna and Dorado over the two day tournament. In the event no tuna or dorado are caught, Wahoo will be the first back up specie in each category. One wahoo per team per jackpot.  In case of a tie, the first fish weighed will take the prize. If no tuna, dorado or wahoo are weighed, jackpots will be refunded.  IN-WATER RELEASES PREFERRED on Billfish and Roosters. An IGFA “leader touch” verifies the catch of all billfish & roosters. All boats must wait for the flare start before setting off to go fishing on both days. All boats must return to the dock with a scorecard by 4:00pm each day. Any score card received after 4:00pm receives a zero for the day. All tournament anglers must photograph all Billfish and Roosterfish in order to receive points. This will also serve as evidence in case any disputes arise. There is a 25lbs. minimum weight on all yellowfin tuna and a 15lbs. minimum weight on all other listed species. Any fish weighed that is under the assigned minimum weight will not score points. There will be a maximum of 15 fish per specie per day that will count towards your score. For example if you have 4 people on your team and you catch 20 tuna, only 15 will count on your score card that day. Any team or team member that kills a Billfish or Roosterfish during the 2 day tournament will be disqualified. Exceptions will be made if determined that the billfish died in the fight. Any billfish/roosterfish which comes to the boat alive must be released. Only women can be on the boat during the two day tournament with the exception of the Captain and Deckhand. There are no fishing boundaries and there is no limit to the amount of bait that can be purchased. Nothing can be passed from one boat to another after 7am except bait form the bait guys. In the event of a tie, day one points will break any ties. If still tied, Second tie breaker will be a coin flip. Any team that violates any rule can be disqualified. No refunds will be granted after the tournament starts. Any and all disputes will be settled by the tournament committee.  Rules summery is not the official rules of this tournament.  Please view or download "official rules" above.



















2021 Ladies Tournament Final Results 

           PLACE           TEAM #

4th 22
5th 12
6th 3
7th 9
8th 8
8th 15
8th 21
11th 7
11th 23
13th 5
13th 10
15th 4
15th 11
15th 17
15th 18
15th 20
15th 24
15th 27
22nd 6
22nd 16
22nd 19
25th 28


















































































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