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Hola Amigos,

We sure did miss all of our guests these last 10 weeks, but we are finally back on the water and the fishing is off to a great start.  With very little pressure on the water these past two months we were expecting a great start to the fishing season once it was allowed to open.  It took the fleet a few days to get dialed in, but after a few days we started to get a pretty good picture of what was out there.  There is a lot of bait in the water right now and we all know that when there is bait around there are bigger fish feeding.


The first tournament of the season was the 54th Annual International Roosterfish tournament.  This is the longest running tournament in Mexico and they were not about to skip a year after 53 straight years.  The tournament got off to an incredible start!  The lowest count on day one was on the cruiser Don Antonio with 6 roosters.  The Rude Boy, Julkate, Mi Pistola and Chureya were all able to land between 21-31 rooster per boat.  I've been working here for 20 years and I have never seen anything like it.  Congratulations to all the anglers!

Day one for the rest of the guests was a little slow with only a few dorado, marlin and tuna landed. But it didn’t take long for the fleet to find the fish and once they did they were all over it. Yesterday we say a nice 55lbs. bull dorado landed by the cruiser Anzuelo. There were some nice 50+ lbs. yellowfin as well, along with many football size tuna. Many more dorado were landed in the medium size class and mixed in with the schools of dorado you could find some very nice size wahoo as well. There have also been a few very big striped marlin and one or two sails as well. This is only after 3 days on the water, so things are bound to get better! Stay tuned!

See you soon amigos!

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