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While occupancy has been down due to the virus crisis, the fleet has gotten their lines wet a few times a week.  The fishing really has been pretty great for this time of year.  March is not usually our peak season, but this March has been well above average.  Starting with bait, the bait has been well above what it has been for the last three years.  There seems to be lots of bait everywhere which is the first sign of a good fishing season.  Once you have bait, the preditor fish will soon follow, and boy have they ever.  


We have have a good yellowtail bite right in front of the Hotel Palmas De Cortez for a couple of weeks now.  Up towards the north end of Cerravo Island, the yellowtail bite has been very good.  They are also finding dorado and wahoo near Cerravo as well as some great bottom fishing for cabrilla and grouper.  Last week we also saw our first yellowfin tuna landed.  There have been a few tuna landed here and there, but just not enough boats going out to really know how many are really out there.  


Bottom line is that there is very little pressure on the water right now, and those that are getting out there are having great success.  Species you can expect this week include yellowtail, dorado, tuna, wahoo, cabrilla, grouper and striped marlin.  Hope to see many of you this season!  Should be a great one!


A few pictures shared by our guests and friends!

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