Congratulations to Victor Locklin who won the 2nd annual Wahoo Gold Cup with this 41.1 lbs. wahoo. Victor took home a 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SUV plus jackpot money of over $40,000 USD. Not a bad day for the crew of the cruiser Oso Negro.

56 teams participated in this year’s tournament and over 200 anglers. More than 30 wahoo were landed during the one day shoot out event. Victor’s wahoo was the very last fished weighed which made for a dramatic finish. Congratulations to all anglers!! 

Final Standings

        ANGLER                                                                BOAT                                           WEIGHT

1. Victor Locklin OSO NEGRO 41.1LBS.
2. Gary Johnson Nath & Mich  38.7lbs
3. John Schultz  Cortez Cowboy  38.1lbs.  
4. Sergio Fainsztein  Marlintini  35.7lbs. 
5. John Boyer  Socorro    35.5lbs. 
6. Matt Leary  Mi Pistola   30.3lbs. 
7. Samantha Hinrichs  Vaquero  27.3lbs. 
8. Matthew Clifton  El Regalo  26.3lbs. 
9. Eldo Harris  Crazy Boy   26.2lbs. 
10. Santiago Estavillo  Tenacious  25.2lbs 
11. Manuel Makliz           La Reyna Del Sur 24.9lbs.
12. Gary Elrod Fresh Catch 23.7lbs.
13. Antonio Rochin Bite Me 23.5lbs.
14. Matt Hoffer Maria Teresa  23.4lbs.
15. Esaul Valdez  Calereste 22.7lbs.
16. Diana Arce   Tres Amigos  22.5lbs.
17. Luis Velazquez Maria II  22.4lbs.
18. Michel Beauchemin Miss Petunia 22.3lbs.
19. Dillion Pile   Balihoo 22.3lbs.
20. Leonel Tamayo  Los Compadres 22.3lbs.
21. John Benny                   La Capilla                21.3lbs.
22. Donald Dotson Killer Hook 18.3lbs.



John Pile                              Julkate                           9.5lbs.



Matthew Clifton                     El Regalo                       12.2lbs.


Total of 22 Wahoo weighed in and 30 landed

Total of 1 Tuna weighed in

Total of 2 Dorado weighed in

Total of 56 Teams

Total of 210 Anglers

Total Jackpot Money $40,885.00


 More photos to come from the Event photographer Mario Bañaga.  

I was only able to capture a few on my cell phone, which I've posted above.


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