Los Barriles Horseback Riding  


Weather permitting. Horseback rides depart from Buenos Aires, going across                                     

the dry arroyo and up to the mountains for approximately of 4-hour ride.


Packages Available

                                 1) Spectacular Mountain rides available (4-person max) 4 hours ride.

                                 2) Rides to Waterfall (4-person max) 7 hours ride.

                                 3) One-hour Beach rides - per person. (4-person max)


HorseBack Ride per hour - $45dlls per person ( hour)

HorseBack Waterfall Tour - $220dlls per person

HorseBack Mountain Tour - $120dlls per person



Consists of a 7hour ride, through beautiful terrain, full of wildlife. Show you what our land has to offer. We take you through a secure trail, with an official guide. Riding through our arroyo, through waters till we reach ou beautiful waterfall.. You can take this trip on your own or with 3 companions, a maximum of 4 riders. At the price of $220dlls per horse/per person.

Spectacular Mountain Ride:

Consists of a 3hours and a half, we travel through the arroyo, making our way up to the mountain, through an easy clear trail, appreciating the best bird eye view of our Sea. At the top of the mountain, we rest, and then head back down. We provide water, sodas, and snacks for the trip. Can be a maximun of 4 riders. All at the price of $120dlls per horse, per person. 

*All rides include a guide*                                  

Call Today!! 

To book your horseback riding trip, please call to book your reservation.

In the U.S. Call: 877-777-8862

In Mexico Call: 01-800-836-2737


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